zręcznie – mending initiative

Nowadays, the role of man begins to be reduced to being a consumer. We buy a lot and often, throw it away quickly ‒ things have little value. The consequences of such a lifestyle range from the environmental to the social and existential. At the same time, especially among young people, passive leisure methods dominate and manual work is becoming an elite hobby.

The answer to the above problems is a mending initiative called zręcznie, the aim of which is to support the development of manual skills in the spirit of the slojd methodology ‒ the Scandinavian handwork learning program from the end of the 19th century. It is realized through educating and providing tools: tutorials, repair kits, craft patches and workshops. As part of the project, channels for
reaching the user and visual elements were also developed.

The idea behind the initiative is to create a committed attitude and move from awareness to action. Dexterity, the ability to do something with your own hands have the potential to co-create identity, but also to build activity, independence and satisfaction. Mending is not only an approach to sustainable consumption and emphasizing the value of things. Self-repair and manual work bring back contact with the objects we have, teach creativity by inventive undertaking challenges. They have a counter-cultural element ‒ disagreement with being part of the so-called throwaway society, the society that quickly uses and throws away, treating things as