100 days to black friday

100 days to Black Friday !!!
Items can be ordinary, everyday and unique. Items are subject to replacement, transactions. Items can be bought and sold. Items after use (or before) can be thrown or given away. You can change their use when they are worn-out.
They can also be repaired.
Visibly and invisibly.
Symbolically and literally.
Funnily and seriously.
We do not have to be fooled by capitalists’ slogans about price reductions.
„On August 17, I got an email from the Westwing platform entitled – In 100 days: Black Friday. Today -20% with Black Friday code. Reduction on the occasion of the holidays of reduction. It is harder to imagine a more caricatured picture of late capitalism. Then I decided to fix one hundred things for Black Friday as an alternative Advent calendar, which also became a consumerist toy. ”
At a promotional price, zero zlotys, on the occasion of Black Friday !!! Instead of buying a new thing, give this used one a chance. Maybe it is still worth it?
November 25 and for the next two weeks there will be a mega opportunity not to buy anything !!!
There will be two spaces:
% workshop and mutual in which you will be able to work on repairing different things.
% contemplative and sublime, dedicated to one old chair:
„I was a little drunk and coming back from Kazimierz with Kacper G. to my sister’s apartment, where I was looking after her cats. It was raining, and I spotted things to be given away on Berka -Joselewicza street (previously I already took 4 glasses in orange holders). I had seen this chair earlier, but I tried to tame my desire for gathering. But now, probably a bit emboldened by alcohol and the presence of Kacper, I decided to take it. The chair did not have one leg, but it was carefully glued with painting tape, like a spare part. We traveled with it by night tram, and then we carried it through the estate. Eventually, the chair was left at Dobro’s place, in the so -called “Pierdolnik”, a room, where in addition to sewing machines and ironing board, there were other things I had brought. „

THE PLACE where the exhibition will take place, nobody gave too many chances anymore. It has been abandoned and decayed for several years. Due to its specific nature and uncertain status – we will reveal its exact location only after sending SMS messages to the number we will give soon. At this moment we can reveal that the event will take place in Krakow’s Kazimierz.

Production: KAFE & brednia.co
Artist: Olga Karusia Konik
Curator: Adam Tuna
Coordination: Martyna Mia Borecka
Media and PR: Dorota Kowalczuk
The event was supported by the pilot „Program for the Art” of the Department of Culture and the National Heritage of the City of Krakow.